Before and After

May 20, 2013

Before and After I released 34lbs. On my way to releasing another 60lbs!


So many things happening today

April 16, 2013

I’d like to send out my thoughts and prayers for all in Boston.

I would like to thank Belinda Carroll for reminding me about me blog I have abandoned for a bit.

While waking up this morning to a helicopter hovering over my home I took a pic and posted, Why is this guy hanging out?

Turns out there was a bomb scare in the next town. Cray Cray! I thought not knowing what else was in store for today.

My friend Tracy came over and smudged my home and myself.As well as some emotional release using The Emotional Code.

Then I was off to pick up my taxes that were completed on March 21st…oops! I made the postmark!!

On the ride home m friend Thom told me of the Bombing in Boston. It has been a roller coaster of emotions today for us ALL!

I am thankful for the many friends and loved ones in my life. I have always said, “All we really have is our word and today, so make them good ones!”.

Tonight, an Epsom Salt Bath with some Basil and Release essential oils.

Basil for muscle soothing and antispasmodic. Release, well…it does what is says it does.

We’ll talk about my Isagenix Cellular Cleanse tomorrow. I am very thankful for my Ionix Supreme!


Rebuilding Confidence

August 11, 2010

Today is the day I decided to play on my blog again. It has been a while since I’m here, so I thought I’d just say HI and that I’m rebuilding my confidence with Life, Technology and my Business! Let’s see how I do! I will be joining the masses at 1:30 today to make someone feel great through massage and exchanging stories! Always a pleasure to see this client today. Then I’ll stop at Barnes & Noble, who knows maybe I’ll bump into a reality star! It’s a start!

Bee Stings

September 1, 2009

well good day to all! i had a mini vacation down to the shore. i got to hang out with my childhood friend at her place in mamora. i’ve known my friend Dee since we were 5, do you believe that not many people can say they have been friends with someone for  (well depends on who you ask)40 yrs, Dee 30 yrs!! OK i just gave up our tapes.

we were having a fabulous time until mr. bee decided he wanted a drink from my bottle. luckily i saw him in the last second as he entered my mouth and was able to deposit him to the ground.  i was freaking out wondering had he stung my mouth, i could see him still slightly moving on the ground!! panic was setting in thinking OMG am i going to have a cow tongue sticking out of my mouth!!! of course now i could feel every imperfection in my mouth!  my good friend after laughing at my panic stricken look on my face suggested i take a sip of jack to calm my nerves. then proceeded to telling me every horror story about every bee sting she has known! i said “not now please”!!! i survived that encounter, thank GOD.

now we are BBQing. i’m setting the table outside, and didn’t the brother of said bee land on my ring finger. well i did what every neurotic already bee frightened person would do, i screamed and flailed about! the bee bro hung on like a bronco billy only to show me who’s boss, STING! i said to Dee, your not going to believe this but i just got stung. laughter ensues, then an ooo you ok? Dee goes into the house and looks for a product called “bug bite” and tells me to put this on. so, i look at what this stuff is and it’s main ingredient is Eucalyptus oil. so being the oil lady i am, i reached for my bag-o-oils and got my R.C., it has 4 different species of eucalyptus oil, as well as, peppermint oil, pine…you just have to check it out! the R.C.took the sting out and reduced the  swelling immediately. it is so amazing what we have in these tiny little bottles of oil!!! still the same, i think i’ll stay home next weekend.


August 27, 2009

Good morning 21st century. i’m back!! with all my pith and vinegar! this has been a very life changing year so far and i couldn’t have made it through without Hope! I have planted new seeds this past spring and summer and i look forward to falls harvest. i’ll tell you more about my growth tomorrow. have a wonderful day!

Transformation and Gratitude

October 10, 2008

hello everyone,

man what a journey you go on when you chose to embark on a transformation!! and i’m doing it with gratitude! These are two young living oils i rub on my liver, heart, neck and crown of my head everyday and i have to say, i feel so inspired, uplifted and grateful.

There are so many things in our lives that these oils can cover. It is all about intention. and it is my intention to keep growing a successful massage and young living business; to lose the excess weight i have aquired over the years; and FEEL the energy shifts that occur thoughtout the process.

I am so grateful that through these uncertain hard times, my business is growing. that’s where the gratitude comes in handy. By using Transformation and Gratitude every morning , i get to reset my intentions daily and reaffirm my goals and thank Goddess the universe is listening.

So take time out everyday to set some intention and watch how life just flows!!

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As always Light and Love, Doreen

Step into Your Purpose

September 20, 2008

hello everyone,

it feels great to be blogging again. I have to tell you about what happened to me at last weeks Young Living Meeting about Ningxia Red. Firstly, Ningxia Red is the highest Superoxide antioxidant on the planet known to mankind! I drink 3oz’s everyday. it is a very delicious drink that will energize, fortify, and replenish your body with nutrients,vitamins minerals, fiber and chromium all while reducing hunger and unnecessary cravings! Ningxia Red is simply the best antioxidant drink out there. This is a must in your daily routine!

Now, what happened at the event, besides the wealth of info we recieved, i bumped into a friend outside. We were talking about one of the speakers named Karen, she was so powerful and amazing. Karen talked about how Ningxia Red helped her go from a size 22 to a 12 and how Ningxia Red helped her husband go from 370lbs to 210! Karen was so wonderful to listen to and my friend commented ‘ Isn’t it wonderful to see someone who has stepped into their purpose’! That in itself was worth the drive and getting lost going to the event. And i thought, wow, I’ve been stepping into everything else…I need to step into my puepose! So, now , when i wake up every morning I say Wow I wish everyone could be as lucky as me to have step into their purpose!

Here hoping alittle purpose gets stuck to your shoe.

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Light and Love, Doreen

Clove oil to ward off Flu

August 25, 2008

Hello every one,

This just in from one of my friends in Young Living and I thought it would be great to share with you.

….The other day I was at work and began to feel body
aches and fever.  It felt like the beginnings of a
flu.  One of the oils I had on hand was CLOVE and so I
put one drop on my tongue every two hours and the body
aches/fever were gone within a few hours.

I should add that in the past the body aches would
usually have been followed by the symptoms
accompanying a respiratory infection.  Since using
Young Living products (supplements/oils) I have NOT
had a full on flu.  It seems to me that keeping my
system clean (cleansing trio) and supporting my immune
system etc… that I am able to fend off the usual flu
symptoms in such a quick manner.  Thanks Gary Young!

CLOVE is an impressive oil to say the least! I don’t
believe that I ever want to be without it in my first
aid kit.

Hope this helps….

I must say I never feel alone because of my Young Living family. We are everywhere, ready will and able to share our health and wealth experiences. Who could ask for more? 

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Light and Love, Doreen

Gratitude is an Attitude

August 24, 2008

hi to all,

I just received my Young Living autoship rewards credit order and man, what a great deal this is!! When you order with Young Living and sign up for autoship, you for the first six months get 10% of your total banked credit. Then, after six months you get 20% credit banked. Now, you can change your autoship monthly, like I do because of the many oils I use in my business, so you don’t have to get the same thing every time.

When i called to see how much i had in reward credits, it was $568!! So, i got to order $568 of free oils, supplement and lotions. How exciting is that!! And yes, one of my oils was Gentle Baby. Most importantly, I ordered the blend called Gratitude. It was devoloped in memory of the one and only leper who returned to say thank you to Jesus after he had healed 10 lepers.  

My experience with Gratitude is one of Gratitude. My life is shifting in the most positive direction. My business is taking off like never before. My energy is so high and I am extremely grateful. When i opened the oil of Gratitude, it just smelled so clean that it made me feel like i was in another fresh start. My whole being feels elevated, i can wait to see what new levels of life lay ahead.

So, remember as you start your day, Gratitude is an Attitude!!

Light and Love, Doreen

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Peace and Calming Essential Oil and Puppy Hiccups

August 23, 2008

hello everyone,

There are so many uses for the oils. Peace and Calming is known for, well calming effects. It helps with sleep, I just rub alittle on my feet and heart and boy that is the best night of sleep ever. It is also known for stopping an anxiety attack dead in it’s tracks. Well now my puppy had the hiccups and it was lasting through the night. When I woke up about 3am and noticed she still had hiccups, I took the Peace and Calming, with small animals you have to be careful of the amount used, and I just touch the side of the threads on the lid and rubbed my fingers together, then lightly pet my puppy. Sure enough, my puppy stopped hiccuping! Amazing to witness! 

For those of you not in the know about these oils, you must try them!! They are Amazing!

Light and Love, Doreen

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